Property Owners


Property Owners

The Leading Developer of Wireless Towers with Schools


Milestone is the leading developer of wireless towers in partnership with schools and other public landowners. Milestone markets a portfolio of more than 2,000 potential tower sites in school systems and municipalities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We specialize in private-public partnerships that are beneficial to the communities we serve.

Milestone has developed and managed over 100 wireless towers on school and government-owned land over the last 15 years. We are the preferred partners of school systems, electric cooperatives, government and other public landowners in Virginia and Maryland. Our mission is to create recurring revenue opportunities for school systems and increase wireless capacity through developing wireless towers when and where they are needed. 

Milestone maintains relationships with wireless carriers and is sought out as an efficient, reliable infrastructure developer. We continuously market our entire portfolio of more than 2,000 sites, assuring that landowners get maximum visibility and consideration for their properties.

  • How It Works: Find out how a tower program could generate recurring revenue for you.
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